At Sarasota Propane, you can count on us to work with you to fuel your fleet trucks. Fleet trucks throughout the state of Florida are now using propane, and with a growing number of fueling stations and an increasing need for energy, that is not likely to change anytime soon. Propane is widely known for its environmental benefits. Propane gas creates fewer emissions than gasoline and diesel, and companies that use it are given tax incentives from the federal government. Propane is also more cost efficient, which is making it an extremely attractive alternative energy source for companies looking to save money.

Various fleet vehicles can use propane, including school buses, shuttle buses, forklifts, law enforcement vehicles, and trucks. Propane is currently used heavily, mainly in the manufacturing industry, but that is changing as more industries embrace the cost efficient and environmentally friendly gas.

If you are interested in using propane to power your fleet vehicles, contact us today and we’ll help you to come up with an energy solution that fits your business. Every company is different, and at Sarasota Propane we believe in working with our clients on a personal basis. Propane is definitely a viable option for those looking to get into environmentally friendly gas, and for business owners who want to save money, it’s a great option. We will walk you through the various technological options that are available to you in regards to fleet vehicles that use propane.