Go Green With Propane

Unlike many other types of fuels, propane is not considered toxic and it is safe for humans to use on a regular basis. Many home and business owners are turning to propane because it is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Propane spills do not cause any damage to the environment, and there are no adverse long term effects. Here are the facts on propane usage:

  • Unlike many other fuels, propane is not considered to be a greenhouse gas
  • Propane is not harmful to water based ecosystems, plant life or marine life
  • Propane is not damaging to soil and will not damage water supplies if spilled
  • Propane does not cause air pollution if released into the environment
  • Propane is not dangerous for humans or animals to breathe

Temperature characteristics of propane can be dangerous for humans only if propane is in liquid form. Propane is harmless in most cases to humans and to the environment, and the federal government encourages the use of the gas by setting up tax breaks and other incentives for businesses who adopt the fuel. The EPA has released several studies citing how propane gas is environmentally friendly, and stating how its usage will reduce greenhouse emissions.

If you are interested in switching to propane use for your home or place of business, then Sarasota Propane is here to help. We can get you started on the process of switching from gasoline to propane, and we’ll help you learn how to use the gas safely and effectively.