Landscaping companies are increasingly using propane for their tools and for their mowing vehicles. Mowers in particular are a great option for using propane. At Sarasota Propane, we have the experience that you need in order get the most out of your landscaping tools, and we know how to help you maximize your landscaping business’s energy. If you are ready to switch to propane from gasoline or diesel, contact us today and we can help you develop a customized solution for your landscaping needs. All of our technicians are trained and ready to answer any of your questions about propane.

In addition to helping our clients make the conversion to propane, we also sell conversion kits that allow for gasoline mowers to be converted into ones that run on propane. Making the switch is attractive because it helps business owners to save fuel costs while also protecting the environment. Here are some of the reasons that business owners, landscaping professionals in particular, are switching to propane:

  • Propane mowers comply with federal EPA regulations
  • Refueling is simple and fast, and can happen on-site
  • Propane is cost effective
  • In certain cases, the federal government offers tax incentives and rebates for propane use
  • Propane users see an almost 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Business owners no longer have to worry about the theft of fuel or fuel spillage

If you are interested in using propane for your landscaping business, contact us today and we’ll be ready to help you throughout the process. We’re determined to figure out an individualized solution for your landscaping energy needs!